Apprentice Challenge

Convince the big boss you have what it takes to come up with a wild and wacky shopping channel and get down to some serious selling. 

In our Apprentice Challenge teams will compete in a pitch to win business based on an actual company brief. They will be hired and fired along the way by our BIG BOSS and his board members 

Drumming Workshop

Drum Circle combines outrageous fun and creativity, with the enhancement of the day-to-day skills necessary for a successful business. We are supported by REMO (the largest drum company in the world) which enables us to offer you the largest and highest quality instruments in the UK. We take groups of people (10-1500) and effortlessly transform them into an exciting drumming orchestra!

Art Masterpiece

The whole group must reproduce a giant size masterpiece. They are split into teams of 6 to 8 delegates and each team completes a section of the final artwork. This is not as easy as it sounds as they need to collect information, blue prints and paints to achieve this. Participants do not have to be artistic to join in and there is something for everyone. The final result can be quite breathtaking and teams are amazed at what they have achieved.

Challenge 100

Can teams succeed in making a ten-foot putt, will they construct a six-foot paper giraffe and can they find their way through the maze? This event can be run almost anywhere and will definitely be thought provoking and demonstrate powers of deduction coupled with lots of ingenuity and thinking outside of the box!

Each team is issued with a pack that is split into three sections, easy, medium and difficult. Within each section there are varying creative tasks, team challenges, conundrums, construction and even digital photography! Teams complete the tasks and earn fun money as they go, ranging from £100 to £1000. But time is against them and a strategy is required to maximise earnings.

Body Talk

Research proves that only 7% of communication is words. The other 93% is: 55% Body language and 38% Tone of voice. 

This means that mastery of body language is essential if you want to improve your presentations, negotiations, sales-skills and the impact you have everyday. Your voice is also very important. Every time you use the phone your voice creates an image of you & your company. You can improve this image with our training. We will show you how to create rapport, look and feel confident, to be more authoritative, charismatic and communicate more successfully.

Gourmet Challenge 

Gourmet Challenge is a culinary experience where the whole group will learn new skills and have fun creating gourmet canapés and petit fours. 

With expert chefs on hand to provide your delegates with useful tips and techniques your group are guaranteed to enjoy this challenge however good (or bad) they are in the kitchen! Food always brings people together and culinary activities create an environment that promotes creativity, communication and co-operation among participants.

Our professional chefs will demonstrate how to make a selection of stylish and tasty canapés and after dinner chocolates. They will then hand over to your delegates to have a try for themselves. Groups will need to copy the chef’s examples and create new canapés and petit fours of their own creation… not as easy as it seems. The teams will then present their creations to our chef and catering assistants for judging.

Culture Scuplture

Teams have to depict their company culture in a sculpture using a variety of mixed media and some serious imagination… 

This is a challenging workshop that gives participants the opportunity to express their creative side. Sculpture is not just about using clay, it also involves sculpture using mod-roc techniques, paper sculpture and mixed media. There is lots of scope for creativity! 

Wine Tasting 

Our team of lively wine experts have many years of experience in their field and are aware that entertainment stems from humour, participation and a convivial atmosphere. Their approach and the interactive nature of the event, ensures that even those with only a casual interest in wine quickly become engrossed. Our experts’ understanding of the subject will satisfy even the most knowledgable!

Chocolate Making 

Develop your skills to become a professional chocolatier and create your own delicious chocolate delights! Our workshops offer superb training from an expert chocolatier and give your delegates the opportunity to gain hands on experience in making exquisite chocolates (which you can take away with you). Then, all you have to do is wow your family and friends with your new found knowledge and skills! Your delegates will experiment with a range of flavours and all types of chocolate, gaining an insight into the creative process. They will also get a taste of something special that they won’t have experienced before. 

Antique Expert 

Ten smallish strange, unidentifiable antique objects dating between 1780 – 1920 and valued between £30.00 – £400.00 are placed on a large table (or if over dinner on the dining tables). Each individual or team must first choose a team name and of course points are awarded for creativity and then decipher the following from each object: 

What is it? What is the value? How old is it?

Murder Mystery

This is a murder mystery event like no other, providing a level of performance and scripting that will surpass your expectations. Your guests are the key witnesses to a brutal murder, and must solve critical clues to discover the guilty party before they strike again… Suitable for any size event, our murder mysteries are the perfect solution for private dinner parties, corporate events and as a light hearted team building activity.

X Factor Song Contest

Be a pop star for the night… A fantastic, fun team building evening with a difference… Teams fight it out displaying their vocal and dancing talents in a full-set Xtra Factor Song Contest. Having pre-determined their songs teams rehearse their lyrics over dinner. Example songs: Ymca, I Will Survive, Dancing Queen, Hot, Hot, Hot, Grease, I Had The Time Of My Life, I Want You Back, Angels, Its Raining Men, Hey Jude, Working 9 – 5 and hundreds more to choose from 

Horse Racing Night

Let us bring you all the fun and thrills of a night at the races… Experience the raw excitement of a flutter on the horses and hold on for a nail-biting, action packed evening in the comfort of your chosen venue. Whatever your type of event you are sure to back a real winner. Our compere will present the 6 – 8 races with eight runners in each, using video screen projection / plasma screens together with a professional sound system with interval music. Tote tickets and race cards are provided for your delegates. All our races have close finishes with the winner being in doubt right up to the post. Your guests really will have something to shout about as they watch their horses battle it out on the flat and over the fences! After each race team leader boards will be displayed to show how well (or how badly!) the teams are doing, while the winnings and the next race cards are handed around for the next race. 


A new and innovative approach to team building – ‘Liberation’ is a fun, lively and beneficial team building event that takes place over an evening meal. Teams are taken through a dramatic and exciting process in a variety of media-orientated games. The event will encourage guests to look within themselves, their co-workers and their company for answers to save not only their own lives but also the lives of everyone on the planet. 

I’m Not A Celeb Get Me Out Of Here

Based on the infamous Aussie show, let us bring the bush tucker trials to your event! This visually amusing dinner show will have your audience giggling and gasping as we select a large number of ‘volunteers’ to take part in trials such as; ‘Smile Through The Goo’ and ‘Can You Handle It?’ 

Our version of ‘I’m Not A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ will be a visual feast for your delegates and may well leave some of them screaming “Get me out of here!” This show is usually run between each course of your evening/lunchtime meal and is normally produced with a TV camera and screen which we will organise for you. So, if you want to see just what your delegates are really made of, it has to be ‘I’m Not A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ 

It’s Not Just A Questions Of Sport

Welcome to our sports bonanza quiz… ‘It’s Not Just a Question of Sport!’ The runners and riders are ready and away we go! As two of the UK’s most popular sporting programmes, A Question of Sport and They Think It’s All Over, have been bended together like a Beckham free kick to create an evening of sporting excitement not to be missed! All the classic rounds are here such as; ‘What Happened Next?’, ‘The Picture Round’ and ‘Home and Away’. 

Studio Day

Watch your office team transform their skills and become superstars for the day. 

A once in a lifetime opportunity to work with some of London’s finest session musicians and sound engineers. 

Building a team spirit and producing an amazing recording of your chosen song, a souvenir of an incredible day for the whole team to keep forever. 


Ice Sculpture

Ice has grain just like wood, but it is very fragile and of course perishable at normal room temperatures. Carving ice is a complicated process but great fun and a real test of team work and skill. With crystal clear ice blocks made from the purest of water let our leading master ice carvers give you the opportunity to try latest techniques and create your very own masterpiece. 

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